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  • MHCRC 2013-2018

    Final Report for Digital Transformation Grant (MHCRC) Virtual Scholars 2012-2018

  • Kung Fu Canvas (2018-19)

    Earn your full Canvas Black Belt in this course. PPS staff/students: Self Enroll PPS visitors, View Course. Contact Diane B-H at for more options to use this course Developed by Canvas Guru Mike Cowen

  • Virtual Scholars for New Counselors 2018-19

    This course is designed for counselors new to their PPS high school position. By the end of the course you will know: 1) What course and program options exist in Virtual Scholars 2) How VS supports students to earn their credits 3) How to register a student for Virtual Scholars 4) How to track how a student or group of students is doing in Virtual Scholars